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T. A. Morrison & Co., Inc. (TAMCO) is an innovative manufacturer of high-end, quality dampers and air control products, serving commercial, industrial and institutional markets. In 1980, TAMCO began to produce its own line of aluminum dampers. Great attention has been devoted to design, in order to develop products which are durable, maintenance-free and unparalleled in performance. TAMCO is successfully leading the charge to bring creative solutions to the air control market.

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Damper Product Line 
Thermally Insulated Dampers
  • Thermally Broken Frame Dampers - These aluminum, insulated dampers, installed as
    "Flanged to Duct" type, create a true thermal barrier between outside air temperature
    and desired interior temperature. The thermally broken frame, coupled with the thermally
    insulated blade reduces, or eliminates condensation and freeze-up. Energy savings are
    obtained from the resulting thermal efficiency and low air leakage rates.

    Applications: In conditions of high relative humidity. When there are extreme temperature
    differentials. For air in take and exhaust.
  • Thermally Insulated Dampers - TAMCO's thermally insulated blades are constructed using
    an aluminum shell, injected with polyurethane foam. The design features combine to control
    the forces of radiation, convection, and infiltration, and thus ensure blade insulating effectiveness.

    Applications: If coil freeze up is a concern. For air handler intake and exhaust.  

Learn More about Thermally Insulated Dampers

Air-Foil Control Dampers
  • Air-Foil Control Dampers - All aluminum dampers that are supplied with TPE/EPDM seals as
    standard. The aluminum extrusions contribute to a prolonged and rust-free operational life.
    TAMCO's dual bearing system is self-sealing, self-lubricating, and non-absorbent, resulting in
    totally maintenance-free performance.

    Applications: Modulating, or 2 position control dampers. To replace common dampers at a
    reasonable cost, and where maintenance is an issue.  
  • Enhanced Air-Foil Control Dampers - An ultra low leakage, aluminum, airfoil blade damper,
    with all of the maintenance-free bearing and linkage components of other quality TAMCO
    products. It is an ideal, non insulated specification choice for energy efficient, outside wall
    dampers, installed in warmer climates. 

    Applications: When the damper is closed and low air leakage rate is critical. Where infiltration
    is a concern. Where condensation and freeze up is not a concern, but an energy efficient, low
    infiltration, maintenance-free damper is essential. 
  • Salt Water Resistance Dampers - Maintains all the dependability and durability of the Dual Bearing
    System, the advantages of aluminum construction, and maintenance-free operation. The added
    features of this model enhance its resistance to salt water, or environments where there is salt
    in the air.

    Applications: These dampers are ideally suited for coastal climates, or for inland applications,
    where the tire spray from winter-salted roads have been  known to corrode dampers installed
    in close proximity to roads or highways.
 Learn More about Air-Foil Control Dampers
Back Draft Dampers
  • These dampers will consist of an all aluminum construction with TPE/EPDM seals and also
    feature a Dual Bearing System. TAMCO's pressure relief dampers are manufactured with
    all the superior design features of TAMCO air-foil dampers, ensuring durability and maintenance-free

    Applications: Suitable for installations requiring a robust damper, subjected to higher air-flows
    and operating pressures.
 Learn More about Back Draft  Dampers
Multizone Dampers
  • TAMCO manufactures a full line of two or three deck multizone dampers. All the blades
    between decks are joined with one-piece connecting rods, stamped in place, or secured
    with blade-mounted u-bolts. This ensures that the blade action between decks will remain
    positively aligned throughout the operational life of the damper. 
 Learn More about Multizone Dampers
  • TAMCO aluminum louvers provide a prolonged rest-free operational life. Galvanized birdscreens
    are provided as standard and aluminum mesh birdscreens and insect screens are available as options.

    Applications: It is highly recommended that louvers be installed in front of the thermally insulated
    dampers, on exterior walls, to prevent rain and snow from entering the building, and interfering
    with damper operation.
  • Stormproof Louvers - incorporates an extruded reinforced blade to reduce water penetration. 
  • Standard Louver - operates with slightly lower pressure drop and can be used to advantage in
    exhaust applications.  
   Learn More about Louvers
Insect Screens
  • All insect screens have all aluminum screen frames supplied with silicone  seals and the screen mesh
    is also aluminum. TAMCO seals provide outstanding  dynamic fatigue resistance. Aluminum extrusions
    contribute to a prolonged and rust-free operational life.
   Learn More about Insect Screens

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