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Brant Radiant Heaters Limited is "Canada's leader in infra-red technology". Infra-red heating has proven to benefit numerous Canadian markets. Brant Radiant has identified these applications and designed specialized heating systems that meet their challenging demands. Their overall market scope includes infra-red heating for new and retrofit applications in agriculture, residential and industrial/commercial as well as the design and manufacture of infra-red process burners for original equipment manufacturers. Extensive in-house research, coupled with field-proven results over three decades, has enabled Brant Radiant Heaters to continue to expand through innovative technologies that increase the applications for Re- Verber-Ray gas and Quartz-Ray electric infra-red heaters.

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Brant Radiant Heaters LTD has manufactured the Re- Verber-Ray and Quartz-Ray infra-red products in Canada for over 35 years. Realizing the need for dependable energy-efficient natural gas, propane and electric infra-red heating systems we are proud to offer the finest equipment available. The following is a description of the infra-red technology used in the products series for this type of application. The residential line for Brant Radiant is the LD Series, LS Series and the Quartz-Ray Electric.

Re- Verber Ray Technology:
  • The infra-red energy created by Re- Verber-Ray heating systems is absorbed and re-radiated by floors, objects, machines, etc. at lower levels, thus providing fast heat recovery.
  • A custom-tailored system to meet your needs for buildings, or retrofitted for existing facilities, will mean uniform heat at lower thermostat settings.
  • In addition, electric power costs are reduced by some 90 percent in a typical installation since there are no motors and fans.
  • Re- Verber Ray heaters quietly focus energy efficient infra-red rays on the floor area, thus maintaining the required comfort levels for your people and your work-in-progress while at the same time lowering the temperature at the ceiling.
  • Traditional hot air heating wastes energy by continuously forcing the warm air downward only to have it rise once again to the ceiling where it is not needed.

Application : Select models of the RE-VERBER-RAY SERIES of natural gas and propane heaters are design-certified by the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) for use in residential applications in specific areas that are adjacent or attached to actual living quarters. The LD Series is not to be installed indoors in traditional living areas of a home. All residential heaters must vent the products-of-combustion out-of-doors.

Quartz-Ray Electric:
  • A custom-tailored Quartz-Ray installation can meet your heating needs for a new construction or can be retrofitted for existing facilities - in either case producing a clean, even heat at lower thermostat settings.

Application : Many indoor locations need "zone heating". This includes room areas near frequently opened exterior doors and areas in your house where there is very little traffic. A custom-tailored Quartz-Ray heating system designed for your particular needs means heat will be able to satisfy your needs.


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