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Rehau radiant heating and cooling systems distribute energy uniformly and efficiently by circulating heated or chilled water through a network of pipes in the building's floors, walls or ceilings. Installed outdoors, the same technology provides environmentally friendly snow and ice melting and soil conditioning solutions. 

As a leading supplier of polymer-based solutions to construction,  Rehau addresses sustainable design priorities by engineering products that enhance comfort and convenience, reduce energy costs, create healthy and safe environments, and conserve finite resources.  Rehau 's products and systems for the window and door, heating and plumbing, fire protection and pipe markets complement each other in integrated high-performance solutions.

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Rehau Radiant Heating

Radiant heating is versatile; it can be the primary heat source or serve in combination with other auxiliary heating systems. Applications include schools, assisted living centres, auditoriums, barns, and warehouses, in addition to residential use.
  • Creates a comfortable environment with accurate and steady temperature control
  • Economical, reducing operating costs by up to 30%
  • Wet installations are common in new homes; dry installations are common when a poured floor just isn't practical
  • Radiant heating is quiet and clean; it does not distribute dust or allergens

    Learn more about Rehau's Radiant Heating

Rehau Radiant Cooling

Radiant cooling works similar to radiant heating, with the exception of chilled water
circulating through the pipes. Traditional chiller equipment or geothermal systems are
viable options for the energy source.
  • Cooling is more evenly distributed, and drafts can be eliminated
  • Pipes are embedded  in floors, walls or ceilings depending upon requirements
  • Can be combined with traditional cooling as a 'tempering' system to cover off-peak loads

    Learn more about Rehau's Radiant Cooling

Rehau Snow Melt

In addition to the safety benefits, snow and ice melting systems can reduce indoor maintenance costs (no salt or water tracked inside), eliminate the costs of snow removal, reduce liability exposure, and provide the ultimate in convenience.
  • 25-year Limited Warranty on RAUPEX pipes
  • Boilers (gas, oil or wood), solar collectors or steam energy (when converted to hot water) can be used
  • Provide optimal response time, save energy by turning the system off when finished
  • Sidewalks, driveways, steps, ramps, loading docks, etc.

    Learn more about Rehau's Snow Melt

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