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For over 50 years Berner has built a reputation for customer service, innovation, quality, and performance. They are proud to be a leader in producing systems that save energy and create healthy, comfortable environments. Their strong commitment to listening to customers and solving problems has established Berner International as the leader in the air curtain market. Berner took the lead in approaching the other air curtain/air door manufacturers to work with A.M.C.A. (Air Movement Control Association) to successfully develop a certified method of rating air curtain performance.

Air Curtains/Air Doors - How It Works

Through a directed nozzle, it blows a strong stream of air over the door opening, forming an invisible barrier that flying insects avoid, without impeding business traffic through the door. It also acts as a barrier between the conditioned indoor air and the outside air for exterior doors with a high traffic.

Berner Air Curtains/Air Doors - Applications
  • Retail/ Commercial - detail air doors/air curtains are designed to be aesthetically pleasing and offer quiet and efficient performance. Primarily used for customer or employee entrances, models are designed to prevent cold or warm air, dust and insects from entering your building.

    Learn more about Air Curtains for Retail/Commercial Applications
  • Food Service - Berner Food Service air curtains/air doors provide a powerful uniform stream of air engineered to protect openings against flying insects, dust and loss of conditioned air, creating healthy comfortable environments. These models keep the insects on the outside, increasing the sanitation levels on the inside and improving working conditions.

    Learn more about Air Curtains for Food Service Industry
  • Industrial - Berner International Corporation offers the most complete line of Industrial Air Doors/Air Curtains available. Industrial air doors/air curtains provide a powerful uniform stream of air engineered to protect openings against the elements. Contaminants such as dust or fumes will be retarded, providing better working conditions. These modules keep the cold air or hot air on the outside, increasing the comfort levels on the inside.

    Learn more about the Air Curtains for Industrial Applications

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