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Temprite Industries Climate Control Systems products have one of the lowest warranty cost histories in the industry. Temprite products are designed to make post-sale service and maintenance simpler.  

Air Turnover Systems

Temprite's Air Turnover Systems are a unique option for floor mounted heating and cooling. Installation does not require access to existing ductwork, nor does it require the creation of new ductwork, saving time and money.

The Air Turnover principle eliminates air stratification in large open space buildings, where air movement is likely to be an issue. The process works by recirculating the hot air which often becomes
trapped at the higher levels of a building. A uniform room temperature improves occupant comfort, conserves energy, eliminates thermal barriers, and reduces damage caused by condensation .

The Air Turnover Concept

In a building with high ceilings, such as a warehouse or manufacturing facility, thermal barriers are established as warm air rises and gets trapped at the ceiling.
The result, known as "air stratification," creates layers of temperature in the space.

The temperature at the ceiling may be 25 hotter than at the floor, and the heat trapped at the higher level is unusable. Since the desired building temperature must be maintained at a low level, the inevitable result is excessive heating and unnecessarily large energy bills.

Air stratification can also cause problems in cooled spaces. Since cool air settles to the floor, and higher levels of air remain too warm,  condensation can form causing moisture damage to stored materials, walls, and ceilings.

An Air Turnover System solves the air stratification problem by continuously circulating the air in the space. It picks up air at the floor, removing the coldest air layer that supports the thermal barrier. The air is then heated or cooled, and returned quietly through a screened discharge plenum to create a uniform temperature and a comfortable, more cost-effective conditioned space.

Direct Fired Systems

Temprite's Direct Fired Systems are a flexible option for space heating, make-up air, and ventilation applications.

When more air is exhausted from a building than is supplied by the mechanical systems, the building is under a "negative" condition and air will leak into the building through cracks, windows, and doors. A negative condition results in the following:
  • Flues and stacks will experience a back draft and cause dangerous contaminants to remain in the occupied space. In the case of flues, the products of combustion may condense and corrode the equipment.
  • The exhaust system sees a greater static pressure which reduces the capacity of each fan, resulting in an inadequate removal of contaminants and wasted horsepower.
  • Drafts and cross currents will increase, causing an uncomfortable or unhealthy work environment.
Direct Firing eliminates the need for heat exchangers, resulting in 100% efficiency. All products of combustion are introduced into the supply air stream at concentrations well below code requirements. As natural gas is an abundant, clean, and low cost fuel that is readily available, this system is very cost effective to operate.

How Direct Fired Gas Heating Works

Direct Fired gas heating is one of the simplest and most cost-effective methods for heating indoor air. Outside air enters the unit (see illustration, point A) and is either filtered or not. If desired, a quantity of returning room air can be added (point B) to this outside air in a balanced fashion to assure a constant total airflow. This air then passes over a line burner. The airflow pattern is closely controlled using profile plates, resulting in 100% efficient combustion.

Indirect Fired Systems

Temprite's Indirect Fired Systems are a flexible option for space heating and make-up air applications where clean air is a significant concern.

With Indirect Fired System heating equipment, the burner flame is never introduced into the circulating air stream and all products of combustion are vented outdoors through the exhaust flue. As a result, Indirect Fired equipment is ideal for:
  • Space Heating
  • Make-up Air for applications where Direct Fired Units are not allowed.
  • Heating and Ventilating Applications
Temprite manufactures Indirect Fired equipment with heat output from 250,000 BTUH to 6,000 BTUH, and air delivery from 3,500 CFM to 94,000 CFM.

The flexible, "modular" Indirect Fired heating systems add warm, fresh, and clean air to your work environment at the highest practical efficiency of 80%.

Why Choose an Indirect Fired System (IF)?

  • Improves Comfort Anywhere - IF units are available for indoors, outdoors, or roof curb mounting. You can even add direct expansion (DX) or chilled water cooling coils for a total comfort solution.
  • Replaces Lost Heat - Large volumes of exhaust air from kitchen hoods or industrial processes take away lots of heat from the space. IF units replace the heat efficiently.
  • Heat Without Condensation - The product line operates at efficiencies of 80% in order to avoid the highly corrosive effects of condensation on interior heat exchanger tubes. Efficiencies over 80% can cause serious problems for normal heat exchanger materials.
  • Replaces Indoor Air - The line replaces indoor air that can become chemical laden in a painting or processing operation, and avoids any added dust.

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