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For over 25 years RenewAire has been the innovator and leader in energy efficient ventilation. Since the early 1980's, RenewAire has pioneered the use of the patented Lossnay exchange core throughout North, Central, and South America. This technology reduces the concentration of harmful pollutants in indoor air by preventing cross contamination between supply and exhaust airs. RenewAire ERVs moderate extremes in both temperature and humidity. This not only contributes to an ideal indoor environment but also dramatically reduces the energy costs associated with providing healthy ventilation.

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How RenewAire Lossnay Exchange Works

In RenewAire ERVs, stale room air is exhausted and fresh outdoor   air is brought  back into the building. These two air streams are  directed through a highly developed  "air-to-air" energy exchange  core (the Lossnay exchange core).

The Lossnay Core is built upon the principle of  " Cross-Flow Static- Plate  Heat Exchange ": Fresh air passes through one direction,  while stale air passes through a different passage in perpendicular  direction  separated by partition plates. Both air flows are completely  separated, with no gas leakage and no cross contamination. As a  result, RenewAire is perfect for controlled exhaust applications such  as toilet areas, as well as for food service and health care occupancies.

During Air Conditioning Season - RenewAire ERVs provide 
necessary fresh air while pre-cooling and pre-dehumidifying this air 
with energy that would otherwise be lost with the exhaust air. 
RenewAire is typically three times more energy efficient than products
that transfer only heat.
During Heating Season - Outdoor air is warmed close to room
temperature with heat that would otherwise be lost with the exhaust air.
Water vapor transfer moderates extremes in humidity levels which
helps prevent moisture damage or over-drying of the home.

Trouble-Free ERV
The scheduled maintenance for RenewAire can easily be 
performed  by  janitorial staff. No expensive service contracts
are necessary because  there is no wheel disassembly or 
washing,  no seal or belt adjustments  and no complex 
controls  to calibrate.  The result is a trouble-free unit  and 
the lowest  maintenance cost  of any available ERV.

Residential Applications

RenewAire residential products are among the highest 
performing  products in the Home Ventilation Institute's 
(HVI) Certification program  for Heat and Energy Recovery Ventilators. RenewAire provides 
powerful,  quiet blowers in both their ventilation fans and energy recovery 
ventilators so you can enjoy ample air exchange without the 
objectionable noise associated with lower quality products.
  • V-Series Ventilation Fans - Economical and effective exhaust  ventilation for bathrooms, utility rooms, and other spot exhaust applications. Lowest  power consumption of any fan line in the industry.
  • Breeze BR70/BR130 ERVs - Moderates extremes in outdoor humidity year-round. Easy installation with only 2 duct connectors.
  • EV Series - The EV series is the best choice for green ventilation and energy savings year round. The EV series is a central exhaust system and uses a small duct work system to collect air from each exhaust location. This series
    can be used for general ventilation as well.

Commercial Applications

RenewAire is your ventilation solution for schools, health care facilities, 
and many other commercial applications. RenewAire commercial 
products  are Certified through the ARI-1060 Certification program for 
ERV  equipment. RenewAire's all-weather performance can cut annual 
energy  bills for heating, cooling, and de-humidification of ventilation by 50% or more. 

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