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As a major manufacturer in the gas detection industry, Honeywell is involved in the design, research, development, manufacturing, sales, and after-sales technical support of Vulcain, a comprehensive range of health and environmental protection devices. Honeywell produces thousands of Vulcain gas detection networks and a broad array of stand-alone Vulcain gas monitors to meet a diverse and expanding worldwide demand. Whether you require a fully engineered gas detection network or a more modest detection solution, Vulcain has fully customizable products guaranteed to meet your needs.

Gas Controller

Gas Detection Controller
  • Acting as the nerve center of a modular gas detection network, this Vulcain
    gas controller provides continuous monitoring. This highly customizable and
    powerful tool provides around the clock protection by identifying hazards and
    triggering appropriate reactive measures such as ventilation activation. The
    Modbus output can be converted to a BACnet output providing flexibility and
    plug & play like installation.

    Learn More about the Gas Detection Controller

Gas Transmitters

Wireless Gas Monitor
  • The VA301W wireless gas monitor provides a highly flexible and reliable gas
    detection network at drastically reduced installation and operation costs.
    The monitor is designed to operate for two years without calibration, maintenance, or battery
    replacement. It provides accurate and secure gas monitoring regardless of the

    Learn More about the Wireless Gas Monitor

Toxic and Combustible Gas Transmitter
  • Vulcain Inc., a world leader in gas detection for over three decades, has designed
    this transmitter to meet or exceed safety requirements in a variety of commercial
    and industrial applications.

    Learn More about the Toxic and Combustible Gas Transmitter

Explosion Proof Gas Transmitter
  • Combining state of the art technology with a rugged explosion-proof housing,
    this transmitter analyzes a wide variety of both toxic and combustible gases to
    high levels of precision. The unit is specifically designed to provide enhanced
    performance and reliability in the most adverse industrial conditions. Once installed,
    this highly customizable and powerful tool provides around the clock protection
    identifying hazards and triggering appropriate reactive measures such as ventilation

    Learn More about the Explosion Proof Gas Transmitter

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Monitor
  • Combining state of the art sensing technology with a sleek design the IAQ
    monitor accurately measures CO2, temperature, humidity levels, and ensures
    the right amount of fresh air is supplied to all parts of a building where people
    are present.

    Learn More about the Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Monitor

Expansion Module
  • Unsurpassed in its ability to be configured for easy compliance to ASHRAE 15,
    B-52, and international mechanical codes. Features Vulcain's award-winning IR
    technology and offering up to four remote sensing points.

    Learn More about the Expansion Module

Infrared CO2 Gas Monitor
  • Vulcain's unique infrared sensing technology and state of the art microprocessor
    controlled digital transmission into a CO2 gas monitor, offering a level of precision
    and efficiency second to none.

    Learn More about the Infrared CO2 Gas Monitor

Gas Detection Controller - APOGEE Integration
  • The Vulcain 901TCO FLN provides continuous monitoring for carbon monoxide hazards
    in ambient air. It reduces operating, maintenance, and installation costs via integration
    into APOGEE Floor Level Network (FLN). Siemens Building Technologies' FLN protocol
    is installed on the sensor by Vulcain, allowing direct communication between the Modular
    Building Controller (MBC) and the transmitter.

    Learn More about this Gas Detection Controller

NH3 Gas Sensor/Transmitter
  • This sensor provides a simple and reliable system for detecting ammonia leakage in
    almost any environment by responding rapidly to ammonia gas concentrations in the low
    PPM range without interference from common harmless gases.

    Learn More about this NH3 Gas Sensor/Transmitter

Stand-Alone Monitors

Stand-Alone Gas Monitor
  • The Stand-Alone Gas Monitor is an advanced microprocessor-based system featuring a
    high quality stand-alone controller, a unique high-tech enclosure, and all the necessary
    characteristics to provide continuous, effective, and fully integrated monitoring of toxic and
    combustible gases.

    Learn More about the Stand-Alone Gas Monitor

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