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tekmar® Control Systems Ltd. Canada and tekmar® Control Systems, Inc. USA are well established companies in the global marketplace with experience and focus in the hydronic heating industry. tekmar® has over 25 years of experience controlling hydronic heating systems.Our controls are researched, developed and manufactured in North America. tekmar adds comfort, energy savings and convenience to both residential and light commercial HVAC systems. tekmar's production and distribution facilities are state-of-the-art, utilizing advanced robotic manufacturing processes with computerized testing and inventory control.


The tekmarNet® Building Control line is based upon modular components that combine to create a single, integrated HVAC system. With capacity for multiple zones on several water temperatures and the ability to intelligently stage and rotate multiple boilers, tekmarNet® Building Control Systems can match nearly any application. tekmar® offers two wire products in order to make it easier to retrofit with tekmarNet® and these products are identified by tekmarNet®2 (tN2).

Thermostats (tN2)
  • With tN2 Thermostats, you can use existing 2 conductor, 18 AWG wire to replace old thermostats with models that offer the energy savings, comfort and convenience your customers want. Power and communication for these thermostats is provided by a tN2 Zone Manager, Zone Expansion Module or Wiring Center. tekmarNet® Thermostats and Wiring Centers improve efficiency in all boiler types by enabling longer running times with reduced short cycling. While non-communicating thermostats can cycle the boiler on and off at the whim of every zone, tekmarNet® Thermostats work together with the Wiring Center to synchronize boiler cycles. This synchronization results in greater energy savings and less wear on the boiler.
Wiring Centers (tN2)
  • Wiring Centers simplify wiring between tN2 Thermostats and zones. They can be installed at remote manifolds or in the mechanical room.
Zone Expansion Modules (tN2)
  • Zone Expansion Modules provide additional zoning when connected to a Zone or Power Manager.
Zone Managers (tN2)
  • tN2 Zone Managers provide power and communication for an Outdoor Reset Module, Zone or Mixing Expansion Module as well as connected tN2 Thermostats and Zone Pumps or Valves.
Setpoint and Pump Controls
  • Setpoint controls operate a wide range of applications such as pool heating, slab warming, or domestic hot water temperature control. tekmar® has a versatile product line that provides high levels of accuracy, flexibility, and multiple modes of heating and cooling temperature control.
  • The staging control systems provide complete control of the boiler plant, including the boiler and system pumps. In HVAC systems that have multiple boilers and chillers, staging controls improve overall efficiency by only operating the number and type of devices required to meet the current loads.

Thermostats and Heating Controls
  • Thermostats and zone controls regulate the air and floor temperatures in each zone by operating valves, pumps, fans and other equipment. Whether you heat by baseboard, panel radiators, hydro-air systems or radiant flooring, you can maintain a constant temperature in your home, eliminating the wide temperature swings of conventional heating systems by using the wide array of heating controls offered by tekmar®.
  • Whether you heat by baseboard, panel radiators, hydro-air systems or radiant flooring, you can maintain a constant temperature in your home, eliminating the wide temperature swings of conventional heating systems by using the wide array of heating controls offered by tekmar®.

Boiler/Domestic Hot Water (DHW) Controls
  • Fuel conservation is essential with today's high energy costs. The addition of an outdoor single/multiple boiler control device can significantly reduce fuel consumption and improve comfort. Savings between 5 and 30% are typical, resulting in a quick return on investment and reduced environmental impact. Multiple boiler systems with a tekmar® control, only fire the number of boilers required to meet the load, improving efficiency while offering stand-by capacity and redundancy. The installation of tekmar® boiler controls can significantly reduce both fuel cost and environmental impact. The addition of a tekmar Proportional , Integral, Derivative (P.I.D.) staging control for multiple boilers can significantly reduce fuel consumption in dedicated domestic hot water systems. Advanced P.I.D. staging provides faster, reliable DHW generation, eliminating customer complaints, while the more efficient operation saves money and reduces environmental impact. Proportional, Integral, Derivative logic ensures additional stages are only operated when required.

Snow Melting Controls
  • Snow Melting can be a convenient & cost effective method of snow removal. Whether for critical areas such as emergency vehicle access ways or simply for residential sidewalks, tekmar snow melting controls provide a cost effective solution that is both efficient & reliable. The fully automatic snow/ ice sensor starts the system when snow or ice is present and stops the system when the slab is dry. Most snow melt systems are designed to provide snow and ice free surfaces for the safety of pedestrian or
    vehicular traffic. This ensures a safely melted slab and improves energy savings when compared to a timer-based system.

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