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Mitsubishi Electric has taken heating to a whole new level with the Hyper-Heat Inverter technology. Even in challenging -25C weather, H2i technology allows the City Multi VRF to stay on the job, keeping the indoors at a comfortable and consistent level.

How  H2i  Works
  • At the heart of H 2 i technology is the Flash Injection Circuit. The Flash Injection Circuit consists of a Heat Interchanger (HIC) and a compressor equipped with an injection port.
  • It works by allowing a portion of two-phase refrigerant (gas-liquid) to bypass the outdoor coil, and recollect heat energy at the Heat Interchanger (HIC) that is normally rejected during the flash process in the outdoor unit.
  • The Flash Injection Circuit then injects the energized two-phase refrigerant at a lower temperature into the compressor through the injection port during the compression process. This reduces the temperature inside the compression chamber, allowing the compressor to run at higher speeds to offset the effect of low suction pressure and the low refrigerant mass flow rate due to low ambient temperatures.  
  • As a result, City Multi is able to maintain a high heating capacity and achieve higher performances without being affected by the cold.

H2i   Benefits

  • Short Warm-Up Period - With the new, improved start-up performance, the H2i system requires only 20 minutes to achieve full heating capacity - even when the outdoor temperature is as low as -10C.
  • Stable Operation and Constant Comfort - The H2 i system ensures a stable heating operation and constant comfort by delivering continuous heating for up to 250 minutes in one cycle and significantly reduces the defrost time between cycles.
  • Extended Heating Operation Down to -13F (-25C) -  The H2 i system further enhances the heating operation of  City Multi. It pushes the boundaries of heat pump technology and is able to provide 75% of heating capacity at a COP of 1.7 in ambient temperatures as low as -13F (-25C). 

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