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The need to be more energy conscious and environmentally responsible drives Mitsubishi Electric to allocate huge amounts of resources on researching and developing solutions for the future. As market leaders, at the forefront of the very latest technology, we are proud to introduce our new City Multi Hydra-Dan Booster and HEX units. Teaming up with the City Multi system, this highly efficient product facilitates virtually no energy waste, reduced CO2 emissions and drastically reduced operating costs.
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Efficient and technologically advanced, the Booster unit takes advantage of proven heat recovery technology to provide hot water for sanitary use and is one of the most advanced, efficient hot water systems available today.
  • Function- Benefiting from the heat recovery operation of the City Multi R2/WR2 system, the Hydra-Dan Booster unit converts energy collected from the air in cooling zones to higher temperatures suitable for heating water and results in virtually no energy waste.
  • Application - Capable of air conditioning and supplying hot water from a single system, City Multi and the Hydra-Dan Booster Unit is ideal for use in a variety of applications. From hotels and restaurants to gyms, it works perfectly in providing optimum air environments and sanitary hot water to a maximum of 71C.

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With a high COP output achieved, the City Multi Hydra-Dan HEX unit system provides a greater level of comfort, lower CO2 emissions and reduced running costs.
  • Function - The Hydra-Dan HEX Unit works perfectly with City Multi systems to provide hydronic heating and cooling to water fan coil units, panel heaters or under the floor radiant heating and cooling systems. Working in conjunction with our highly efficient R2/WR2 systems, the HEX unit becomes part of a heat recovery operation that you can rely on.
  • Application - The HEX unit offers a remarkable dynamic range of heating and cooling, as high as 45C in heating down to 10C in cooling, making it suitable for residential properties, offices or hotels. In short, the HEX unit provides an optimal environment while benefiting from reduced running costs and impact on the environment.

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Comparison Against Traditional Systems
The Hydra-Dan Units are highly efficient in comparison to the traditional systems (the gas/oil boiler and the electric heat) used to heat process water. By utilizing waste heat from the R2 City Multi outdoor unit for the Booster and HEX unit, it is possible to supply hot water with high efficiency. Each unit is relatively safe, generates no CO2 emission gases and easy to maintain.
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